Thursday, April 30, 2009

St. George

So right after Disneyland we got to go to St. George, UT. Rye had a football game down there. We decided that if we had to drive that far we might as well stay down there and enjoy the weather. The kids had a blast. They were so ready for down time that included a pool. They got mad at us in Disneyland because we kept making them go back to park instead of playing in the pool. Therefore here are pool pictures because that was all they wanted to do!

Here is Rafe. He was really brave with his life jacket and floater!

Kiya posing as usual


Brenna floating!

Kiya jumping in. I love the halfway in!

More posing!

All three kids

I told you he got brave!

Kiya and Brenna Thankfully Trish and I bought the same floaty without even knowing it!

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