Saturday, September 13, 2008

First Touchdown!

Brady running in for the touchdown!

Brady and Keyan on the right

Today was the first flag football game. Brady was really excited. He was counting down the days until it was time to play. He was a little disappointed that he didn't get to play on Keyan's (his cousin's) team, but his team is really fun and the coach is energetic. All in all a good game. I don't know who was more excited when he made a touchdown, Rye or Brady.

Friday, September 12, 2008

He got the bronze!

Rye with current world heavyweight champ Byamba from Mongolia

Bronze Medal Fight

Rye in the arena. It is was held where the Lakers use to play.

This last weekend, Rye and I went to Los Angeles so Rye could compete in the 2008 US SUMO OPEN. Lucky for me he doesn't compete in the heavyweights. He can just barely make the middleweight class. That is not to say he is fat, but there was some fasting involved so he could make weight at 253Lb. (And some running around the arena) He got to compete against some of the best guys in the world. He started wrestling about four years ago when a guy from work, who is the US heavyweight champion, asked him to come and participate in a tournament that he was putting on. I guess he was bored, because we went and for three years in a row Rye won the gold medal against the other middleweights. So once again Casey (the heavyweight) beg Rye to go to the Open. We thought maybe we would get a vacation so we decided we would go. FYI-Not really a vacation and we saw way to much crack. Rye had to wrestle in 8 matches and he won the Bronze. The really cool thing is that he was the only competitor to beat the Mongolian that won the gold. Ahhh... if only the bracketing could have been a little different. Then I would be married to the silver or gold medalist.


Rafe trying to reel in the fish so he could touch it again!

Dad and Kiya with her fish

Brady holding his fishing pole

Well with summer starting to look like it was over, Grampa Mac and Grandma Mac decided that we needed to go fishing. Brady hinted to Grandpa a little too. So we decided to head up to the fish hatchery to catch some fish. (We're not stupid! No lake for us. Just guaranteed catching!) The kids had a great time. Rafe just liked to touch the wiggly fishes and then throw them back in the water. Kiya was super excited. Brady never quit. He just kept fishing and fishing and fishing. Mom enjoyed the picnic lunch. Dad got a migraine and then the fun was over for everyone. We were super quiet on the way home so he could sleep. Also we didn't want to get puked on.