Sunday, December 28, 2008

Dino napping

Rafe was so fun this year for Christmas. Santa brought him a giant remote controlled dinosaur named Spike. Well on Christmas Day we always go to Rye's Parents and spend Christmas with them. To our surprise, Rafe came out of his bedroom and told all of us to shush. He said his dino was sleeping. Sure enough he had carried the dinosaur to his room and put him in his bed. He then covered him up with a dinosaur blanket. Coincidence I'm sure.

Christmas day

This is little Rafe opening presents

Kiya opening presents

Brady opening presents

We woke up Christmas morning to 2ft of snow. Poor Rye was shoveling for a long time.

Merry Christmas

My nephews Jake and Kent on Christmas eve. We always have family home evening at my Mom's house.

My sister Amy and her gorgeous girl Kenna

Rye and I acting like we love each other

The boys James, Brady, Keyan And Asher

My sister Mia her hubby Chad and the baby Jorden

Kiya doing her dance for family home evening

Her mom trying to lead her(not very well by the way)

My neice Daisha singing

She's a dancing queen

This is kiya and on the right is her cousin Brenna. They clogged for the wish upon a star program that helps kids in our area.

The burnette in the back left is her cousin Maycee.

This is Kiya and her Dad. And yes sometimes she can wrap him around her finger!

First Snow

Well it finally snowed here and the kids couldn't wait to go outside and check it out.