Thursday, April 30, 2009

I took Kiya shopping in St. George and I let her look at her own section while I was looking for stuff for the boys. Boy was I surprised when she came up to me with this blue dress (in the right size!) and matching shades. What could I do? I let her have them and now I have to have the dress washed all the time. She is definitely her mother's daughter!

Speaking of being the only girl in the house. Sometimes when you only have brothers you have to trick the baby brother into playing dress-up. I think she did a pretty good job! She said she was an "artist". I guess we will have to see what Rafe says when he gets older.

Boys will be boys!

The boys had to try on their Dad's football gear. We had just got back from Rye's first home game and the boys just had to be boys! Rye plays for the IF Mustangs and we were so excited when they won! We had to hide out in the car for the fourth quarter because it was so cold, but luckily I could see the scoreboard still. Every five seconds Brady would yell from the back of the car, "Are we winning?"
While we were in St. George we went to see some fossilized dinosaur tracks. The guy who owned the land was leveling it when one of the blocks of shale flipped over and wahlaa! Dino tracks!

Yes, We are suckers! Everyone had to get something from the gift shop.

Here's a dino track

The kids in front of fossilized eggs

St. George

So right after Disneyland we got to go to St. George, UT. Rye had a football game down there. We decided that if we had to drive that far we might as well stay down there and enjoy the weather. The kids had a blast. They were so ready for down time that included a pool. They got mad at us in Disneyland because we kept making them go back to park instead of playing in the pool. Therefore here are pool pictures because that was all they wanted to do!

Here is Rafe. He was really brave with his life jacket and floater!

Kiya posing as usual


Brenna floating!

Kiya jumping in. I love the halfway in!

More posing!

All three kids

I told you he got brave!

Kiya and Brenna Thankfully Trish and I bought the same floaty without even knowing it!


Easter this year was fun as usual, with the Easter egg hunt, Sunday morning church, and great dinner at Rye's Moms.

This is Rye's sister Trish and her adorable girls Brenna and Chey

Here's the whole family. I had to beg the kids and Rye to get this one.

All the grandkids


Run Brady Run

All the cousins before the great egg hunt

Kiya and Brenna

Monday, April 6, 2009


Well lets just say that we had a blast! It has been a little bit of a wild ride. First we left all of our toiletries at home. Yep no makeup, no shampoo, no toothbrush. Luckily for me I keep a spare toothbrush in my purse. Then my mom thought that the line she was in for a 1 1/2 hrs was to the enchanted garden. Unfortunately for her it was get your picture with Tinkerbell. Mom was the only one who was over 10 in line, but she didn't notice. To give her credit though the picture is great! We have had a blast riding rides, eating ice cream and purchasing princess costumes (and no you don't want to know how much that costs!)I think that the kids have summed it up best. Brady- "That was awesome!", Kiya- "I need some cotton candy and some of them mouse ears!" Rafe "Them dinosaurs are going to eat me!"

This is Kiya and Brady in front of the castle all lit up!

My parents braved the trip and came with us to Disneyland. This is my parents and the kids waiting to go to the Aladdin Musical. Some of the kids were cranky from waiting in line. While we were watching the show Rafe came up to me and said that he had to go to the bathroom. Guess what no bathrooms in the theater. You have to get a special ticket then run a block to the bathroom. Whew we made it! Than five minutes later, Kiya says "Mom I really have to go I can't hold it!" Another special ticket, another block, and Whew we barely made it!

Rafe and Sully He was intimidated and excited all at the same time!

Castle all lit up!

Rafe and Mr. Incredible One of my favorite photos

Looking out the port hole in the finding Nemo ride. Rye and Brady stood in line for this ride and Kiya, Rafe and I went to go to the Princess Fair. You would think that any girl would want to get her picture with a princess. Not Kiya! She was crying and complaining that she just wanted to ride the Nemo ride. So when Rye called and said he was at the front of the Nemo line, we abandoned the princesses and went to Nemo. So there will be no Princess pictures in our trip.

And the Nemo ride was awesome!

Brady waiting in line

Kiya and Dad riding A Bugs life ride!

We were watching the HSM Parade. and to our surprise Kiya got pulled out of the crowd to dance with the dancers. When it was all over she sat on my sister Jenni's lap and said, "They picked me because my hair is so pretty!"

More Dancing!

Rafe waiting at the bus stop. He was kind of a little bugger. Loved have his own freedom. I should have got that kid a leash!

Instead Rye carried that boy on his shoulders most of the time. And we only had one small accident involving Rafe and the exit sign. "Dad bonked my head!"

Dad and the kids. Notice the stuffed animals they won! They were very excited about that!

Chip and Dale. This picture was so hard to take. Somehow my camera got set to timer so when we went to get the picture after waiting in line it wouldn't work. I got some nice pictures of the street though. Finally I figured out what was wrong and beg the people in front of me to let us get this picture!

Rafe and Buzz. I know. I know. He is the only one in the pictures with characters. The other two just loved the rides!

The Fam waiting in line to Soaring over California. The ride is so realistic! It was my Dad's favorite ride. I got sick! So not my favorite.

My mom got soaked on the Grizzly River Run. It was her favorite ride!

Everyone else liked it too!

Brady and Kiya with their Mouse ears! Everyone was wearing them. You almost felt out of place without them.

My sweet kids waiting in line.

The very first picture we took. They almost look like they love each other.

Well that was the end of our trip. Oh wait there was that 15 hr drive home. My hind end still hurts. Rye has bruises on his elbows from leaning against the armrests. It was painful, but we are so glad to be home. It was such a fun trip. I hope that the kids remember the fun they had. Brady was fearless! There was no ride that he wouldn't do. Kiya was the entertainer. Her comments made us laugh for hours! I need some cotton candy and some of them mouse ears, They picked me because my hair is so pretty, My belly hurts I think some cotton candy will help, Shiver me timbers, That's what pirates say! Rafe was brave also. He loved the rides and watching him in Build a Bear was so funny. He picked a turtle and promptly put a Finding Nemo shirt on him and Mickey ears. And to sum it up Kiya once again after the amazing fireworks "Dreams really do come true!"

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Rafe turns three

Our baby turned three in March. It is exciting and sad all at the same time. He is such a super fun kid to have around. Except for when he decides that he is a puppy for 1/2 hour. I just can't speak dog so it is a little hard in the morning to figure out what he wants when he is just whimpering. The best part is that he just knows he is our baby and can get away with anything. That is why half the time I find him snuggled up between me and Rye in bed.

This is Austyn and Rafe posing for the camera.