Sunday, February 1, 2009

What a trip!

This post goes out to my sister Kami, who I wasn't going to tell on, but because she made a post on myspace, I am returning the favor! So friday was an interesting day. My mom, Kami and I went to Idaho Falls. Mom and Kami were shopping and I was doing some training with the new laser my dental office has purchased. First the laser is awesome! For my hygiene friends it is great for perio. I loved it! But now for the really funny stuff. Yeah Kami! So we had to be home by a certain time because Kami's girl and my girl were dancing at the home basketball game. My Mom (no offense) drives kind of slow so I took over the wheel. And we decided to get ice cream before we left town. Well on the way home Kami kept screaming that her cone was dripping. Yeah for me! So my big sis (mommy's little piggy) had chocolate running down her shirt and pants. Brown stains! Oh I wish we would have had somewhere else to go. Then Kami decided to litter (shame on her!) and threw her cone out the window. As karma would have it the window gets stuck open. Awesome! Now Kami is freezing in the back because the window won't close and I won't stop because we have to hurry. That's when I said that I wished I had my camera so I could blog this fun trip. And Kami threatened me not to say anything. I did finally pull over because baby Kolt was in the back and I couldn't have him freeze. My mom and Kami both had to push on the window to get it up. Then the ice cream started to make me sick and I was having stomach cramps. I think it was because I was laughing so hard at this point. Anyways fun trip. I had a great time. Kami I love you!