Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Rafe is going to kill his Dad

When Rafe gets older and realizes that his dad put him in pink underwear (his sister's) I think that he will want to kill his dad. I guess Dad couldn't find any clean scoobydoos. Lucky for Rafe his mom found him some so he wore these pink panties only long enough for his parents to have blackmail material!

More Flag Football

Here's Brady playing quarterback!

Waiting to grab someone's flag!

Keyan, Brady and Sage Not their best smiles

Keyan and Brady

Rye turns 32

Rye turned 32 on the 24th of Sept. The kids had a blast watching him blow out candles and open presents.

Rye Blowing out the candles! I'm sure he'll want to kill me for this one.

Opening presents

Also a big Happy Birthday to my sis Mia who as the unfortunate luck to be born on the same day as my husband. Unfortunate for her, because usually I'm working so hard on my hubby's birthday that I forget hers! Love you Mia!