Sunday, November 16, 2008

Four going on Sixteen

So our little Kiya is growing up. I made dinner last week and told her to come and get it. She yelled back that she was in the bathroom. I naturally assumed that it meant something to do with the toilet. Fifteen minutes latter I was getting concerned. So I called for her again. She then informed me that she was doing her hair and she would eat in a little while. Ahhhh! Teenagers Opps! I mean Ahhh four year olds!

Rockband Heaven, Brady turns Seven!

Guess what Brady wanted for his Birthday

This game takes concentration

Even Rafe got into the fun

Okay so we pretended that it was a Birthday party, we really wanted someone to play Rockband with!

Let the Force be with you!

So as you can see Star Wars was the theme of this Halloween. Kiya was Princess Leah.

Rafe was Chewbocca. Or a wookie Whatever! It was the best costume I got.

Brady was a storm trooper, but everybody thought he was Dark Vader.

All smiles around their pumpkins I carved.